Terms and conditions

  • Saxon Hall refers to Southend Masonic Centre Ltd for which the contract is agreed.
  • The Client' and 'you' means the organising body/company which is responsible for guaranteeing and payment for the event.
  • The Contract' means the agreement between Southend Masonic Centre Limited and Client. These terms and conditions will form part of the Contract and are subject to English Law.

  1. Saxon Hall requires a minimum of 28 days notice prior to day of event to organise credit facilities. Saxon Hall reserves the right to refuse credit.
  2. Payment for credit accounts must be made in full within 14 days of invoice date. Interest of 5% per week will be added to overdue invoices.
  3. Where no credit facility has been organised the following payments must be made for all bookings:
    • To Confirm Booking – Full Room Hire:
    • 3 months prior to event – 50% of total bill
    • 1 month prior to event – 100% of total bill
  4. Any additional expenses incurred on the day are to be settled upon departure.
  5. All bookings are considered provisional until a deposit has been paid by the client. The deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. Please note you may also be liable to cancellation charges (see Section 11).
  6. By paying the deposit you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.
  7. Approximate numbers of event must be agreed between the Client and Saxon Hall a minimum of 3 months prior to event. Final numbers must be confirmed 10 working days prior to event and will be charged as such.
  8. Table plans for events must be submitted to Saxon Hall no later than 3 days prior to the function. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure correct & accurate table plans and name cards are provided.
  9. All amendments to the booking by the Client must be made in writing or e-mail. Client must ensure Saxon Hall has received amendments. Saxon Hall will not be made responsible for 'lost post'.
  10. Any cancellation must be advised to Saxon Hall verbally followed by written confirmation. Verbal cancellation will be date taken as date advised, although written confirmation must be received within 5 working days of this date.
  11. Saxon Hall cancellation fees, shown below, are based upon the total value of room hire and pre-ordered food/beverage costs.
  12. CANCELLATION OVER 6 MONTHS OF EVENTClient incurs loss of deposit
    CANCELLATION BETWEEN 3-6 MONTHS OF EVENTClient incurs loss of deposit & 25% of estimated function costs
    CANCELLATION BETWEEN 1-3 MONTHS OF EVENTClient incurs loss of deposit & 50% of estimated function costs
    CANCELLATION 1 MONTH OR LESS OF EVENTClient incurs loss of deposit & 75% of estimated function costs
  13. Saxon Hall will make every effort to resell the facilities on your behalf. Cancellation charges will be reduced by any revenue generated from alternative business we have been able to secure on your behalf.
  14. Saxon Hall reserves the right to make amendments to your booking for reasons beyond its control.
  15. Should the Client make significant changes to numbers and/or food and beverage requirements this may result in Saxon Hall changing applicable rates and/or facilities offered.
  16. Saxon Hall reserves the right to cancel any booking at any stage should it be deemed to; prejudice the reputation of the company, or poor credit history, or outstanding debts with Saxon Hall.
  17. Saxon Hall reserves the right to insist on security personnel to be provided at the Client's expense.
  18. Saxon Hall reserves the right to charge the client a damage bond prior to the event which will be returned in full no later than 10 working days after the event. Any damages payable by the client for will be identified in writing upon return of damage bond outstanding balance.
  19. Any damage caused to the venue, its equipment, contents or fittings will be invoiced directly to the Client immediately after the event.
  20. No food or beverage items may be brought into Saxon Hall and consumed on the premises.
  21. Saxon Hall will not be held responsible for incorrect print ing on client menus for food & beverage. Food & beverage stated on the Contract will be provided by Saxon Hall.
  22. Saxon Hall reserves the right to decline entry to any part of the building to any client. The Managers decision is final in this matter.
  23. The client is responsible for ensuring entertainment employed by them complies with statutory legislation & company policy. Saxon Hall will insist on the production of PAT testing certificate and public liability insurance.
  24. Quality of entertainment and external providers of ancillary products, not employed by Saxon Hall, are the responsibility of the client.
  25. Saxon Hall reserves the right to amend its published prices, giving a minimum of 2 months notice.
  26. Prices quoted include VAT at current market rate. Saxon Hall reserves the right to increase prices without notice should duty increase be imposed by Government budget.
  27. Saxon Hall cannot be held responsible for the loss and/or damage of gifts, property or possessions however caused, be it anywhere in Saxon Hall grounds. Any unclaimed property will be held for a period of one month only.
  28. It is not the responsibility of Saxon Hall to liaise with the District Registrar with regards to services held at Saxon Hall. Saxon Hall does not accept any liability for a wedding cere- mony not taking place however caused.
  29. Standard bar close time is 23:00, unless otherwise specified. Exceptions to this are Ladies Nights and Weddings which are midnight. Any bar extensions must be requested and approved at the agreed rate per half hour thereafter.

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